GMC Cascaders

Year Model Price Miles TZE Contact Phone E-Mail
1978 Royale $39,000     Jerry Work 541-499-1027 Click Here


"The Ralph Lauren Edition" since everything you see or touch on the inside is either natural leather or real walnut.  The ceiling and walls are covered in natural leather along with the roman shades covering all the windows as well as the upholstery.  Even the refrigerator is covered in ostrich leather!

Mechanically it has most everything one can do to modernize and make bullet proof a GMC - properly remanufactured S & J engine including replacing everything that touched water or oil and everything that moves associated with the engine, an aluminum radiator, a Manny transmission with 3:50 power chain and 3:27 planetary gear final drive (3:67 overall gearing), one ton front end, automatic vacuum brake booster, sensitized booster, six wheel disk brakes, seven Alcoa 16" wheels and recent date load range E BFG Commercial TA tires.  This is one of the strongest GMCs I have ever driven.  The only time I ever shift it into second gear is crossing the highest and steepest mountain passes.  Most of the time it will climb all over the west in third gear without going to WOT.  I like to keep above 4” of vacuum so as to never stress the engine or driveline.  It is a very relaxed, one hand on the steering wheel ride.

All systems have been updated or replaced within the last few years including the propane furnace, microwave, propane/electric/heat exchanger hot water heater, 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter, two high capacity 6vdc deep cycle batteries for the house (room for two more if the buyer wants to dry camp a lot), Optima AGM starting battery, Xantrex battery monitor, wireless air system controller, two new stock air bags, one spare air bag, air bag  lifters to keep normal ride height at 70 psi, 32" flat screen TV, Jack over the air antenna, etc.

Whether a new owner wants to head for Alaska, the Maratime Provences in eastern Canada or the beaches in Mexico (all of which and more we have done within the last few years) all they need do is load clothes and food and go.  We are the second owners and have owned it for fifteen wonderful years.  Now it is time for it to go to a new owner, hopefully one who will use and enjoy,it as much as we have. It was appraised by Jim Bounds at $70,315 in August of 2014.  We are offering it to the GMC community at $39,000.  We will include in that price our whole stash of GMC related parts and equipment.

Photos of the coach in various locations over the years and a treasure trove of GMC information can be viewed at and I would be happy to send additional photos and coach details to those seriously interested.